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Thanksgiving 3-Pack (8 oz)

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A 3-Pack Crafted for Your Thanksgiving Traditions

Savory Sage & Clove: A homey and comforting herbal fragrance. Spinning off a traditional sage scent with notes of clove and spice. Sage, clove buds, and cinnamon harmonize together to create a wonderful relaxing scent.

Fall Honey & Cinnamon: You are walking into your kitchen and the aroma of this honeyed autumn fruit is coming from the oven. Our scent is a dab of honey that accents mellow, ripened persimmon fruits, spiced with a base of cinnamon bark and vanilla. This one of a kind fragrance will keep Fall lovers enticed.

Hot Apple Cider: Our Hot Apple Cider will have your home filled with the wonderful aroma of cloves, hints of cinnamon, sweet apple, and fall spices. It's the perfect candle for fall and into the holidays!
Comes in a custom 3-Pack Box.


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