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Someone Special 3-Pack (8 oz)

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  • ATTRACTION - This scent is an enticing mingling of fragrant blends with hints of passion and lust. You are at first drawn in by the pleasurable notes of bergamot, apple and a dash of pineapple as it intermixes with violet and herbaceous. Just beneath, lies the rich, warm foundation of cedarwood, musk, sandalwood and a secret incense. All together, this mysterious pairing of fragrances will lead you to submit to the irresistible spell of Attraction.
  • EXCITEMENT - As night falls, the feelings become more acute and open to a fragrance, which titillates the senses and quickens the heart rate. The sweet seductive ascent from a woody botanical blend and Madagascar vanilla, to jasmine and neroli will leave you breathless as it moves dangerously close to a Ruby Red climax. This scent is sure to lead you to the edge of Excitement.
  • ADVENTURE - You are now ready to embrace and explore the limits of this sensual experience. Grounded in frankincense and earth, this scent initially summons lime and agrumen and is balanced by the petals of carnations, ylang and geranium. With the senses focused, yet not knowing where this moment will take you, Attraction and Excitement will certainly lead to Adventure.

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