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Mother's Day 6-Pack (8 oz)

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This 6 Pack Contains the Following Scents Below:

Lavender: Both floral and herbaceous, our bestseller Lavender is a bright Provence Lavender with a few accent notes, including a subtle cedar wood and patchouli to boost its complexity and performance. Lavender is one the most versatile fragrances used in aromatherapy. It relaxes, as well as, rejuvenates and inspires. Lavender is the key to stress and tension elimination.

White Ginger Tea: Who said teas can only be brewed? Our White Ginger Tea is a delightful fragrance that’ll put your mind and body into full relaxation mode. This scent has a woody/amber base, a sweet middle filled with jasmine and ginger, and to top it off, notes of nuttiness and citrus

Jasmin Silver Needle Tea:  This prodigious pairing of Jasmine blossoms and Bai Hao (Silver Needle tea) bestows an artfully scented experience to the senses. Jasmine Silver Needle attains the harmonious balance of sweetness and the woody note of Bai Hao. This astute scenting calmly erupts with flavor and aroma.

Sea Salt Orchid: This fragrance builds from a slight rustic woody base that sets the earthy tone. Then notes of jasmineLily of the Valley, and green leaves comprise the middle note. Finally, the fragrance is topped off with fresh sea salt scent that smells like it was extracted right from the ocean and infused into the candle. A clean scent that will keep you refreshed and longing for the beach for days.

Fresh Lotus BlossomFresh Lotus Blossoms is the newest fragrant creation from our Fragrance Team. You immediately notice the Pear, Orange and Clove. This is underscored by floral scents (e.g., Lilies, Lotus) and built upon a foundation of woody and legume-based scents such as Honey and Moss. In total, there are 18 different elements! Can you name them?

Spring FlowersA great floral scent for Spring or Summer! Our Spring Flowers scent has notes of eucalyptushemlockviolet, and a musky cedar base. This scent is a fresh unique take on fresh cut flowers. 

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