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Almond Vanilla Musk, Buttermilk Maple Pancakes, Lavender Latte 3-Pack (8 oz)

$29.95 $43.05

  • As clean, white and silky as fresh almond milk. White wildflower blossoms and delicately sweet slivered almonds layer a base of creamy bourbon vanilla, Tonka, and white musk

  • Wake up to fluffy top notes of buttermilk pancakes sprinkled with the comforting warmth of freshly ground cinnamon on a sweet base of maple syrup

  • Sip on this creamy chocolatey lavender latte. With top notes of coffee, almond milk, honey, and warm notes of vanilla and lavender, this candle will have you running to your local coffee shop to order a Lavender Latte.  

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