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Lemon, Summer Citrus, & Fresh Lotus Blossom 3-Pack (8 oz)

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Our Lemon fragrance will be immediately noticeable & we've added a Floral Musk undertone to give it a little weight. Perfect for the kitchen or bathroom to help alleviate the malodorous emanations of everyday living.

Summer Citrus:

Imagine walking into a room and immediately encountering the scent of a fresh orange grown in the orchards of Valencia, Spain. Then, your senses realize that the orange aroma is encompassed by fresh rose petals...this, is our Summer Citrus.

Fresh Lotus Blossom:

Fresh Lotus Blossoms is the newest fragrant creation from our Fragrance Team. You immediately notice the Pear, Orange and Clove. This is underscored by floral scents (e.g., Lilies, Lotus) and built upon a foundation of woody and legume-based scents such as Honey and Moss. In total, there are 18 different elements! Can you name them?

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