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Amber Glass 8oz 3-Pack (Evergreen, Frosted Cranberry, Holiday Kitchen)

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A Christmas tree in a candle!

Our Evergreen fragrance is reminiscent of walking through a wintry forest filled with pine trees. The fresh, crisp green fragrance and eucalyptus notes awaken the senses, followed by a burst of sappy pine needles and a dint of woody and earthy notes. Evergreen will most certainly accent your holiday festivities.

Frosted Cranberry

A classic winter fragrance, our Frosted Cranberry has all the bells and whistles! Tart cranberry mixes with notes of cinnamon, currantfir, and hints of vanilla to create an inviting scent. We are sure that this aroma will get anyone into the Holiday spirit, even Scrooge himself! 

Holiday Kitchen

The smell of our Holiday Kitchen during the holidays is something to remember! Fresh ginger and nutmeg melds with ground anise seeds and fennel in a large mixing bowl. Sugar and vanilla extract are the last ingredients added to give the anise drop cookies their deliciously sweet smell and taste. Take in a deep breath because there's nothing like it! 

These candles comes in an 8oz Amber Glass Jar featuring our premium foiled label. This product is excluded from discount codes.

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